Can Only Be Given by one that has suffered misfortune and have come out ok

And trust me

I Have failed alot…But as a result I have been more successful than others and i’m not in any major debt the key being my ability to adapt and move forward

By all means i’m not a billionaire (YET) but the companies I have worked for  in the past both throughout my retail and industry career earn billions and billion from people like me and you

Hardworking Know it alls

Now I’m not Shy Of Rolling up My sleeves and getting down to it but I understand that i am working too much for too little mainly because i chose to accept this reality given to me

Money is a controller of my life and therefore the more money I earn the happier i will be…or so i thought

A couple of  years ago I was a senior sales  in a small retail shop then i got a job at bigger retailer that paid more for a lesser role, had more room for me to grow but needless to say it was more cutthroat as a result I lasted a month…..

Unemployed miserable I began to look at what happened as a failure, perhaps I should have stayed at my previous job as i was happier there than in the other recently rejected environment which was stressful over demanding and unreasonable. Then it dawned on me i had no idea what I set myself up for and the house always wins the game they want you to play.

In a Nutshell  I was lead by  the predictable way I would stagger out my bed clothe myself commute to a place, Work a consistent workload, and go home as a bad thing…..Growing unconsciously Competent in the realm of customer service. Generating standards way above  the general consensus in my field and being blissfully unaware, ready for expertise Shakedown.

Imagine a Big Fish in a small pond is released into the wild realises hes bigger than the other fish in the lake and as a result nobody wants to be his friend….typical

The need for escape from the monotony, the routine of inevitability, made me leap out the bowl and eat all the plankton as it were…..looking back I went Supernova and jumped above my post a couple times…..the lessons being:

Tigers go tiger from time to time so never accept a role lower than your last one unless you have many jobs

Research is vital to any move don’t get caught up in the dream they are selling you

Only compromise within your comfort zone

And Finally Do not commute across the hypotenuse of London unless your driving or are being driven for any job during early morning rush hour under any circumstances



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