About ME

My name is Bradley clark and I run an Entertainment consultancy

We live in a society of buzzwords and opportunity, putdowns and hopelessness, Action and In-Action with a load of distractions

In My spare Time I’m a Blogger, Rapper, Producer, Film Maker, Podcaster, Script writer, Web Editor, E-Author, DJ, Promoter, Friend, Enemy, Lover, tax payer, Commuter, Self employed, Underpaid lucky worker But who isn’t nowadays

The only difference i have over the competition is my brain and the capacity to consult on many different levels and communicate effectively….. there are some advantages to working in a lot of places.

Now contrary to popular belief  the about section is meant to sell the branding…. however what tends to happen is a sterile copy and paste of details which serves its purpose in Emails but on a website I’m not so sure after all this is just one form of communication and chances are you have a card or have heard about me

but just in case

contact me via the following websites emails and twitters












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