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Here at MOFO ME it all about MOFO YOU! Giving You solutions to your Entertainment Business Problems. Operating from the stance of How Can we make it better at a cost price. Click below For an Example of our services and Packages.



This section is where your business can get the back up it needs


My Help Can enable You to create building blocks for your own progress, unlock your potential, focus your branding, create awareness, and generate new market opportunities

I am both a Game Changer, Analyst, Hands On, and Realist

My rates are affordable and the advice will more than pay for itself

due to Mofo Me just starting i am offering the following on successful appointments


A Basic (Well in todays market) Web Project for small to medium businesses (5-30 Employees) is £275

Which Includes

  • Import/Export Data
  • Social Media Sync setup for: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinstrest, Google Plus/YouTube
  • Site Structure/Wordpress set up
  • Mobile Intergation/Webmail: Post to site From Smart Phones and devices, Custom URL Email sent from phone

  • Online Booking Form & Event Calendar

  • 2hrs of Consultation & Training

Additional Services

HD Promo Video Package: Clips of social events separated into one conclusive (2 Mins)  On Vimeo with an additional 5 30 sec edited clips for Youtube.


Social Media Add On: Soundcloud, MixCloud, Tumblr Integration, Vine


Web Stationary/SEO Setup: HD Banners, Like & Share Buttons, Keywords and tags, Site pop Ups


PDF Menu/Brochures

£25 per PDF With Client Content

£75 Without Client Content

QCR Codes For Flyers, Business Cards, Visual Advertising

£25 Per URL rendered into HD specs (1080×1920)

£5 per URL rendered into standard definition (510×510)

Database & Newsletter Set Up

£30 Email, Mobile, Name, (Mail Merge)

£50 Email, Mobile, Name, Gender, Age (Mail Merge)


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Bradley Clark AKA Dan E Mented



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